If you are a small company that, without intermediaries, wants to offer an activity to its workers as an incentive, improve group cohesion, the environment at work, release tensions, stress, encourage sports among your employees, improve relationships inside and outside the company. work … look no further !!
We offer you a new activity that meets all the requirements you are looking for: physical activity, safe, original, fun and within reach of any pocket. Our budgets are personalized and adapted to each group and / or event.
There are many ways to organize an event and our team-building experience means we can find the best solution for each group.

If you are an event agency, take a tour of our website and you will realize that you can not spend more time without having this activity to offer it to your clients. It has everything: dynamism, sport, equipment, competitiveness, companionship, laughter and a memory that your client will not forget.
We have worked including the Bubbles in motivational events, incentives, international meetings. We collaborate with facilities in which we can manage the rental of a meeting room together with our activity so that after the meeting we make a team playing with our Bubbles.

We are pioneers in this activity and that means that the quality of the material we have is the greatest and the experience and security that we can offer you is not comparable. FutbolBubble is not just soccer, our Bubbles serve to protect you and make you feel like a child falling and rolling without any risk. But this allows us to do from gymkhanas, obstacle courses and a multitude of team games. The alternatives are endless and we are in charge of adapting the event for the characteristics of the group.

If you want to complete it so that EVERYTHING is “round”, also count on us for it.
We have a professional photographer who will take pictures, prepare and assemble them so that you have an unforgettable memory of you and your friends in our bubbles. We prepare the best photo, print it in large size and send it wherever you tell us. And if you are looking for a transport for all of you that picks you up in your office and brings you to play with us, we also manage it. You just have to worry about parsarlo big.

Of course FutbolBubble is suitable for all audiences !! If you are worried that the ages of your customers / employees do not fit with our Bubbles, stop worrying! The important thing is to participate and we will make sure that everyone, as far as possible, participates, contributes to the group and enjoys the activity with their classmates.

Look no further: sport, laughter, game, competition, group activity, adrenaline, all ages …………… .. THIS IS YOUR BEST CHOICE !!!

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