There are no many rules to play Futbol Bubble but you must know the correct working of bubble and game to avoid possible personal injuries. Most important thing is to play with common sense. You can do everything but respecting rational limits.
Main difference with regular football are faults, we don´t have it. On the contrary, you have to look for maximum contact.
What you should know:

  • THE FAULTS DO NOT EXIST. On the contrary, we must seek maximum contact.
  • Pregnants, people with heart problems or old injury knee can´t play.
  • All players must wear appropriate clothing and sports shoes for the activity. You should also avoid watches, rings, bracelets or any other item that may cause damage in a collision.
  • It´s important to do a good warming.
  • Leashes have to be adjusted always.
  • It´s not permited to kick bubbles.
  • t´s not permited to go out of limits that instructor says.

In general a responsible use of the activity and the materials will guarantee that you have a great time.

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