“It depends on the installation where we play and the number of participants. If, for example, an indoor field of 5vs5 is chosen, we will only use a maximum of 10 bubbles so that if a group is 12/13 players, teams will be formed that will compete in a kind of tournament.

Although it may not seem like it, seeing the activity in action is just as fun as sharing it.

We rent the fields according to the reservations and the availability of them.
Once you have booked, we will give you one of our usual fields in the turn you have reserved. If there is more than one option we will give you a choice.

But you can also propose a field yourself and we will make the necessary arrangements. Keep in mind that to play in a new field, the installation has to:

  • Have availability
  • Surface of lawn or platform.
  • Have a point of light less than 20 meters from the field.
  • Access by car to load and unload and possibility to park.

You have the possibility to book through the web or by contacting us by any means. Once we have confirmed our availability, we will pass the bank details so you can make a deposit of € 60 as a signal (150€ in case of international bank transfers). The reservation guarantees you one hour in the shift (morning or afternoon) of the day you book. If there is no unforeseen, as late as a week before the reserved day we give you definitive time and field (we try to give total priority to your preferences).

No, punctuality is requested since the facilities are rented by the hour and we have to count on that before and after they can be occupied, so the activity starts at the agreed time and ends one hour after it.

From 6 years up … there is no limit!!!
In the event that the players are minors, they must be accompanied by an adult.

It is only necessary to go 5/10 minutes before the start to take advantage of the activity to the maximum. If you need to use the vesturiaos, a tad before; ).

FutbolBubble has the same risks as any sport that takes place as a team. Following the guidelines of the monitors and applying common sense the Bubble protects you so it does not have any added danger.

The rates we provide are for 1 hour of play. It is advisable to go a few minutes early to warm up and prepare in order to make the most of the time.

Yes, ask us without commitment. Whether for companies and for individuals, if it is for a large group we make a budget for you.

No. Only in cases in which a justified cause is will the option of changing the date of the event to another in which there is availability.

No, absolutely everything necessary to carry out the activity is included in the rate per player. We also take care of the rental of the installation.
Only, if it is a field different from any of the ones we propose and / or is outside of Madrid Capital, an extra fee for group travel applies.

FutbolBubble is not just football. We have many activities and games to do with the Bubbles. Depending on the type of group we adapt the game and of course, we accept all kinds of propositions.

The minimum rate is for 8 players, you could reserve for less but the price would remain at € 20 x 8 players. And there is no maximum! Depending on the number of players we organize tournaments, triangular or what we get the hour / s contracted.

Yes. The number of participants may vary (from the day the reservation is made until the day of the event) as long as you notify one day in advance of the change. In this case, the price will adjust to the new information.
For logistical reasons, if the change is not notified, the last confirmed number of players will be charged.