Play where you want

Among all our usual fields there is none that suits you? Are you from any town in the Community and have a field where you can play? Celebrate your wedding or birthday in a nearby province of Madrid and want to play Soccer Bubble there? NO PROBLEM; look for a field that meets the necessary conditions, reserve the installation and prepare everything in the place you tell us.

The booking process for this case is similar to the one we carry out when we play in our usual fields.
First, contact us in advance to ask us for availability of date and shift and to tell us where you would like to play.
Secondly, the field or installation must have a series of conditions to carry out the activity:

  • The surface must be grass or parquet.
  • The installation must have an easy access (the closest to the field) to be able to download and load the material.
  • There should be a power outlet within 30m from where we are going to play.
  • We must first notify the installation of the activity that we are going to carry out.
  • This option entails additional travel costs depending on the location of the installation. Consult travel rates.
  • We will need an area for the assembly and disassembly of the material, either in the same pitch or in an annex space, during the 30 minutes before and after the activity.
Campo Oscar de Molina
28100,Calle de Manuel de Falla, 54
28100 Alcobendas,Madrid.
Universidad de Álcala
Av Punto Com, s/n
28805 Alcalá de Henares,Madrid.
Colegio VillalKor.
Calle Asturias 8
28922 Madrid.
Polideportivo Municipal de Cobeña
Carretera M-103, Km 6.5
28863 Cobeña, Madrid
Colegio Fomento Aldovea
Paseo de Alcobendas, 3
28109 Alcobendas,Madrid.
Colegio Stella Maris La Gavia
Calle Peñaranda de Bracamonte, 9
28051 Madrid.
Colegio Veritas
Av. de Radio Televisión, 2,
28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid.
Colegio Villalkor
Calle de Asturias, 8
28922 Alcorcón,Madrid
Colegio Zola
Calle Valle del Roncal, 57
28692 Villafranca del Castillo,Madrid.
Complejo La Cigüeña
Ctra. Puente de Arganda a Chinchón, Km 2,5
28500 Arganda del Rey,Madrid.
Pabellon Municipal de Deportes de Daganzo
Calle Don Quijote de la Mancha, 1P,
28814 Daganzo de Arriba,Madrid.
Due Sports Francisco Fernandez Ochoa
Calle Catorce Olivas, s/n
28054 Madrid.
Gimnasio Físico
Polígono Comercial El Carralero,Calle Azafrán, 4
28222 Majadahonda,Madrid.
Decathlon Getafe
Pol.Industrial C.L.A, Calle Río Odel,
28906, Getafe, Madrid
Fundación Deportiva ADF
Calle de Braojos
28035 Madrid.
Pabellon Deportivo Arcas del Agua
Av. de las Arcas del Agua, s/n
28905 Getafe,Madrid.
Pabellón Deportivo María Martín
Calle Greco, s/n
40006, Segovia.
Plaza La Mayor
Plaza de Sta. Teresa de Jesus,
05001, Ávila.
Pabellón Deportivo Pedro Delgado
Calle de Dámaso Alonso,
40006 Segovia.
Trivema Naval
Calle del Velacho Bajo,
28033 Madrid.
Jornadas de la Juventud
Collado Villaba
28400, Madrid.
Padel Home
Calle Rio Esla 48.
05004 Ávila.
Los Ángel De San Rafael.
40424 Segovia.
Complejo deportivo la Fuensanta. 
Campo Conquense FC.
16002 Cuenca.
Patronato Municipal de Deportes.
San Martín de Valdeiglesias.
28680 Madrid.
Campo de Fútbol Martín Juanes
Calle Estadio 16.
45100 Sonseca. Toledo.
Paseo del Puerto. 
23110 Jaén.